Who Is The Actress In The Old Navy 2021 Holiday Commercial?

For those wondering who the star is of Old Navy’s 2021 holiday commercial, it’s none other than Keke Palmer. The retailer brought the 28-year-old actress on board to help promote their fashion line that features culturally diverse holiday prints.

Palmer told E! News that she decided to partner with Old Navy because “it’s a very American brand in all the ways that I feel like I represent.” She added, “It’s inclusive, celebrating all the different cultures and denominations alike. To me, that’s what I feel when I think of being an American. I feel like Old Navy has always been a good representation of that, and this year is no different when it comes to the holidays. We’re celebrating all people in all traditions.”

The actor also revealed that she liked that everyone who was “in charge” of the production for the retail giant was female. “This is a big deal,” she said. “To see women in these positions, it’s definitely representative of the evolution that is happening, and we’re continuing to try to grow forward as a society.”

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