Captain Lee Is Over Dinner Drunken Rowdy Guests on Below Deck

A not-so-chill dinner.

Captain Lee Rosbach has dealt with his fair share of rowdy guests on Below Deck, but the group joining the charter on tonight’s all-new episode seems especially rambunctious. 

For proof, look no further than this exclusive sneak peek clip. In the preview, we’re introduced to the primary charter guest Michael and all of his friends just as they’re about to dine with Captain Lee. It’s clear they’ve been drinking, and once Michael responds “I’d like more bourbon please” when Chief Stew Heather Chase asks him what type of water he prefers, it’s clear they don’t have plans to stop, either. 

Well, most of them. One of Michael’s friends points out that he still has “three full drinks in front of him,” but this doesn’t deter Michael, and instead, he responds, “How about I be in control of what I drink?”

Meanwhile, fellow friend Justin is also loading up on bourbon.

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