Here’s What Fans Think Wade Stole On Yellowstone

In Season 3, John Dutton accuses Wade Morrow of “stealing the one thing a cowboy doesn’t steal,” but he doesn’t elaborate on what exactly that “thing” is.

While there are obviously plenty of things a cowboy ought not to steal (cattle, horses, family recipes, perhaps another cowboy’s hat?) fans speculate that John’s accusation is less about a real item, and is actually more metaphorical.

It’s revealed in Season 3 that Wade is one of the branded men of “Yellowstone.” In Wade’s case, that means that during his time as a former hired hand at the Dutton Ranch, he somehow betrayed them. As u/fenbaldwin explains in a Reddit thread discussing Season 3, Episode 7: “I think John was referring to the Yellowstone brand… most branded men are never allowed to leave the ranch alive. Somehow Wade managed to leave and be a thorn in their side.” So perhaps what he “stole” was the brand itself, a metaphor for his loyalty? Considering the fact that Wade later has his brand cut off by Walker, one of the Dutton’s allies, it’s clear the betrayal associated with that brand is still a very testy subject.

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