Jodie Turner-Smith’s Anne Boleyn Series Has Found a New Home

We’re losing our heads over this news!

AMC+ today announced that it has acquired the new three-part psychological thriller Anne Boleyn, starring Jodie Turner-Smith in the title role. The drama that is being called groundbreaking for its casting of the first Black actress to portray the Tudor queen on-screen.

The streamer is bringing the show to American audiences after the series ran back in June 2021. Casting Jodie as one of history’s most infamous queens was a topic of debate on social media when the show originally aired on Britain’s public service broadcaster, Channel 5, this summer.

“As a Black woman, I can understand being marginalized. I have a lived experience of what limitation and marginalization feel like,” Jodie said in an interview cited by The New York Times. “I thought it was interesting to bring the freshness of a Black body telling that story.” 

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