Questions Criminal Minds Fans Have After Seeing The First Few Seasons

Users LilEEE and tcamp213 also fielded a question about seeing more of the BAU squad’s personal lives outside of work. Both fans expertly answered while avoiding spoilers. 

LilEEE wrote, “you sometimes see their home lives.” User tcamp213 supported the notion that most episodes are strictly focused on the happenings within the BAU and the details of each specific case, likely because the writers “have to cram a whole case and background of an unsub into about 45 minutes.” The formula leaves little room for character drama.

This isn’t far off from the truth; the format is case heave, focusing strictly on the BAU and how they go about catching each killer. However, we do end up learning a whole lot about the backgrounds of each member of the BAU, and the episodes moving forward after Season 4 manage to tie the personal lives in nicely without getting in the way of any episode’s given case.

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