Spy X Family Release Date, Characters, And Plot

You’d think that a show about an international spy and a deadly assassin raising a telepathic toddler would be action-packed and brimming with thrills, and you’d be correct. The trailer for the series shows off its fair share of action. However, “Spy x Family” is also classified as a comedy, and given its themes of domesticity, the series likely has an abundance of slice of life elements.

Regardless of what kind of manga it is, the actual story remains the same. In order to prevent war from breaking out, Loid begins spying on a foreign political official and his family. To do so, he must enroll his own child in the same prestigious academy as the politician’s son, forcing Loid to juggle his new domestic life with his professional one. Can he get the information he needs without breaking his cover, and will he ever learn that his new wife and child are more than they appear? Fans will be able to find out when “Spy x Family” debuts in 2022.

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