The Actor Replacement In Blue Bloods Season 12 That Is Bothering Fans

In a post to the r/BlueBloods subreddit, Reddit user u/Navitach posted a simple question after watching the latest episode of “Blue Bloods.” In the post, they said, “I have a dumb question about the most recent episode: Armin Janko, Eddie’s father, was played by a different actor than before, wasn’t he? We have seen the character in previous episodes, right? I honestly can’t remember for sure.”

A quick response from u/JerseyJedi confirmed the original poster’s suspicions. While noting disappointment at William Sadler’s disappearance from the series, the Redditor added, “The new guy doesn’t even resemble Sadler. No disrespect intended, but I dislike when shows suddenly recast long-running characters. I wonder what the real-life reason was.”

An unpopular comment on the “Blue Bloods” Reddit thread came courtesy of u/SamCarter_SGC, who opined, “I wish showrunners would just abandon the storylines instead of replacing actors who quit, it’s dumb.” This comment was the lowest-rated response to the original post. 

There hasn’t been any official word from CBS or any of the actors on why this “Blue Bloods” character was recast. Although he’s exited the show, Sadler does have a number of projects in the works at the moment that could be keeping him busy. Per his IMDb profile, he is currently slated to appear in a 2022 film titled “Salem’s Lot.”

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