There Are Actually 28 Heroes War Machine Hasn’t Met In The MCU

War Machine and Monica Rambeau already have a few things in common. First off, Rhodey serves in the United States Air Force, just like Monica’s mother, Maria Rambeau, did. He and Monica also both work for the government, as Monica is employed by S.W.O.R.D., an organization Maria established. Rhodey’s old Avengers boss, Nick Fury, even recruits Monica at the end of “WandaVision” to handle certain Skrull-related matters. It’s very possible that she’ll run into War Machine at some point, as he’s dealt with a few alien incursions himself. No projects featuring both characters have been announced yet, but seeing as Monica becomes the Avengers’ leader for a time in the comics, the chances of them serving together seem pretty good.

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