Things You Forgot Happened In The Expanse Pilot Episode

Holden and Naomi are such a solid couple, it is easy to forget that there was once any sort of animosity between them. In fact, it is painfully clear that Naomi Nagata does not care for him or anything that he stands for. Because audiences learn that Earthers and Belters don’t get along, they could be categorized into the “enemies to lovers” trope right from the start. And considering the Earthers are a large part of the problem, the animosity is an understandable hurdle that stands in their way.

Naomi Nagata is also portrayed as a woman who takes pride in her job but does not get the credit she deserves, which falls on the shoulders of the people above her. Considering how nonchalant Holden is about almost everything in the first episode, and how far the two come in making each other better, it is hard to believe they were not always a healthy couple. When they finally get together, it is worth remembering the walls that once stood between them.

Holden and Naomi’s love story is a constant throughout the series — together or separated, as a couple, they are a paradigm of hope. As a couple, their unity represents the possibility of peace between the nations, and to see such an apparent wall between them makes their arc stronger today. 

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