Vegas’ Jorja Fox Reveals Who Really Cut Sara And Grissom’s Kissing Scene

After “Under the Skin” left “CSI: Vegas” fans confused, Jorja Fox addressed their concerns. “FYI, William (Peterson) & I did shoot a hand holding & kissing scene, I even shot a scene where I talked about where Sara & Grissom have been for the last 5 years,” she tweeted. “For some reason the producers and/or network took these scenes out of the show. I have no idea why. You’d have to ask them.”

Fox capped off her post with a sad emoji, and fans quickly jumped in to reassure her that it wasn’t her fault. Many also thanked her for being transparent about what had happened. “Jorja thank you for telling us. We fans love the characters and their romance. Yes it was disappointing to be teased with it&have it taken away. But we support you and the show regardless. I’m sorry that it seems you’re feeling let down also. (Your) adoring fans send you love,” replied @RocknRollLottie. This sentiment was echoed by others, with @TVulture15 pointing out that this unexpected edit “must be frustrating for the actors too.” Though fans were upset by the exclusion of Sara and Grissom’s romantic moments, they were supportive of the actors.”We’re still gonna love every extra minute we get to spend with Sara. Thank you for giving her back to us,” wrote @sara_bell_um with a heart emoji.

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