What Happened To Rupert Boneham From Survivor?

Rupert had one more “Survivor” run in him, but his fourth go-round — which aired a full 10 years after his first — was cut very short. For Season 27, 2013’s “Survivor: Blood vs. Water,” Rupert was to compete alongside his wife, Laura Boneham, in a season that paired returning players with their loved ones. But in a surprise twist, Laura was voted out of her tribe on the first day of the game — and Rupert, true to his heroic image, immediately opted to trade places with her. Laura went back into the game, and Rupert headed to the purgatory-like “Redemption Island,” where he lost one last do-or-die challenge and became the first player eliminated from the game.

While that was Rupert’s last appearance on “Survivor” (so far, at least), he and Laura both turned up as competitors on an all-reality star edition of “The Amazing Race” in 2019. While the couple did not last very long (they were the second team eliminated), Rupert and Laura got to experience the game together, something they were denied by the surprise twist in “Blood vs. Water,” and won the hearts of fans old and new. 

The couple had a scare recently, according to Heavy, when Rupert underwent a biopsy to search for signs of cancer on his vocal cords, but thankfully on October 21, 2021, Laura posted on Facebook that no cancer was found and Rupert was back home resting.

Now, two years removed from his last CBS reality appearance, it’s unclear if Rupert will be back on TV anytime soon. But even if his destiny was to never win the competitions, Rupert will always be remembered as one of the most beloved “Survivor” castaways of all time.

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