World Beyond Season 2 Episode 6 Scene Fans Thought Went Too Far

While anyone familiar with the “Walking Dead” franchise knows the end-of-the-world series features many sad deaths, some still manage to shock even the most tuned-in fans. For “World Beyond” viewers, Dev’s death at the hands of the CRM came as a surprise. While opening up about his family, Dev’s speech is suddenly cut off, and his blood splatters on Will’s face as a group of guards appears. “You know, I should be used to the ‘person getting killed unexpectedly during a heartfelt moment’ thing since it’s happened god knows how many times across the franchise … but the ending still managed to catch me off guard somehow,” admitted u/Delnation, cursing at the end of their post. 

The comment received more than 50 upvotes, with several replies from fans whose opinions ranged from calling the scene being predictable to a “great, surprising moment.” One Redditor called the trope “very unprecedented” for “World Beyond,” which tends to be less intense than its companion shows. Another user pointed out the franchise’s use of an “emotional exchange or psychological epiphany” that leads to a fatal shot. “At least Dev wasn’t shouting like a fool, and it was night … but you’d think after all this time in the apocalypse, people would save this s*** for secure compounds,” they wrote.

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