A.P. Bio Season 5 Release Date, Cast And Plot

The release date of Season 5 of “A.P. Bio” is still up in the air as Peacock has not officially renewed the series yet since Season 4 debuted. It could very likely get renewed, especially because of its small but loyal fanbase (via Roger Ebert), but the sitcom’s fate is still unknown.

If “A.P. Bio” does get a Season 5, it will definitely take some serious time for it to return with new episodes. It takes about a year for even a smaller sitcom to get episodes written, do pre-production, gather the cast together, shoot all necessary footage, edit and finish post-production, then promote and release the series. This is also assuming there won’t be any issues with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic either.

Even if the series returns, no one should expect “A.P. Bio” Season 5 until at least a year after Season 4 premiered, so around September to October 2022.

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