Everybody Loves Raymond Bloopers Funnier Than The Original Scene

One of the central cornerstones of the long-running CBS series was the relationship between Ray and his brother Robert. After all, it’s the reason that “Everyone Loves Raymond” has its title. Robert feels like he’s perpetually finishing second behind his brother, who has a wife, kids, and a career he loves, while Robert himself is often unlucky in love and lives with his parents.

Ray, of course, exploits this dynamic for his own amusement as often as he can, mocking Robert for everything from his height to his voice to the way he mopes around when things aren’t going well. This means Ray Romano got plenty of opportunities to use his improvisational skills to drop one-liners aimed at co-star Brad Garrett. Still, even he could recognize when he’d pushed the joke into territory that made the whole room squirm with uncomfortable laughter.

In this scene, Robert is doing his best to talk himself up, to get ready for what he’s calling “part two” of his life, as though it’s a movie. In response, Ray and Frank start mocking him with fake movie taglines. It’s all going well until Ray uses some anatomically correct phrasing in a very unscientific insult. The audience certainly gets a kick out of it, but Romano walks off stage in embarrassment.

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