Jennifer Tilly Kisses And Tells About Chucky, Playing Herself, And Why Being Unlikeable Is Funny

In the world of “Chucky,” Jennifer Tilly is dead and her body is possessed by Tiffany Valentine. Has that had any real life implications for you?

It’s really funny because Don [Mancini] even incorporated into some scripts, like when I come in in “Cult of Chucky,” and Fiona [Dourif] goes, “You look a lot like Jennifer Tilly,” and I’m like, “Yeah, I get that a lot.” And sometimes, I think she had a line in one of the movies where she goes, “Am I Chucky? No. Am I Tiffany? And am I Jennifer? Even I get confused sometimes.” I have to say that first, that meta thing, first happened in “Seed of Chucky.” And I was playing myself, Jennifer Tilly, international film star, but we did an exaggeration, because we thought it was really funny of Jennifer Tilly. So we made me a desperate, fading star that was really narcissistic and self-involved. And I think a little bit of that stuck, because you know, you can make fun of your career if you think your career is in a great place.

And then people took up the refrain like, “Oh, she was Oscar nominated and now she’s ****ing a puppet.” I was like, “Hey, we wrote that. That’s self-deprecating humor. It’s not true. I chose to do this movie.” So that was a little funny, that people started confusing that Jennifer Tilly in the movie as the real Jennifer Tilly. And I remember this studio actually had them rewrite it a little bit, because they said, “Oh, she’s so mean.” And we’re like, “Yes, it’s funny.” And they’re like, “She’s really unlikable.”

And there was one scene we actually reshot, where I come out of the studio, after I find the dead body, which is Tony Gardner, and all the paparazzi was out front. And it’s sort of like “A Star is Born.” She’s like, “Oh my God.” She’s posing and everything.

And then she gets in the car and she calls her assistant. She’s like, “Turn on the TV.” She’s like, “Oh my God, everybody, somebody, a man was killed.” And they said, “She’s too excited.” They said, “That makes her really unlikable. She needs to be really sad. A man is dead, after all.”

So we reshot it where I’m like, “Turn on the TV. Yes. A man died at the studio.” Not as funny, but made me more likable. But it’s strange, because if you’re not familiar with the whole “Chucky” trajectory, now in the television series, Tiffany is running around Jennifer Tilly’s body, living Jennifer Tilly’s fabulous life. In fact, there is a scene later on where she shows up at a movie premier as Jennifer Tilly, and it’s really fun to play Tiffany’s idea of how a movie star would act. Lots of glitter. Lots of blowing kisses. So it’s an exaggeration of who I am, and that’s always fun to do.

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