SAS: Rogue Heroes Release Date, Cast, And Plot

Originally announced on March 2021, “SAS: Rogue Heroes” is being produced by Kudos Studios and will be released by the BBC. Unfortunately, we do not have an exact release date as of yet, but typically a series usually takes around one year for writing and concept, and another year to film. Considering the wartime setting, “SAS: Rogue Heroes” may have some hefty post-production work involved, too. That said, several stills from the series have been released, so production is well underway. 

The setting of “SAS: Rogue Heroes” is Egypt in 1941. World War II has gripped the vast majority of the world, and the British struggle to hold their own against the Nazi campaign in North Africa (via Defense Media Network). “SAS: Rogue Heroes” is sure to feature sand-swept dunes, epic battles, and generally clandestine plots as the members of the newly formed SAS use their skills and intuition to stop the Third Reich from claiming Africa. All of these production aspects may delay the arrival of “SAS: Rogue Heroes,” but one can only hope that we see it sooner rather than later.

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