Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Plot

“Star Trek: Prodigy” will indeed get a second season, and what’s more, it might arrive sooner than you think. The first season’s mid-season finale is only beginning to loom on the horizon, but its numbers have been impressive enough that Paramount+ has already confirmed Season 2 is incoming, according to Deadline. This, of course, is a pretty tantalizing prospect for Trekkies who don’t like to wait for too long between seasons. 

Considering that the Season 1 mid-season finale airs on November 18, and the back half of the ten-episode season starts airing on January 6, 2022, The season won’t end until February 2022. Since Season 2 will reportedly drop at some point in 2022, this means fans should have far less than a year to wait for it. 

It’s highly unlikely that the seasons will air back to back, so you probably shouldn’t expect “Star Trek: Prodigy” Season 2 before summer 2022 at the very earliest. If Paramount+ intends to follow the first season’s evidently successful footprints, it would make sense to air the season premiere at roughly the same time of year. As such, the most logical release date of the new season would be in October 2022.

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