The Character We Never Get To See In A Single Parks And Rec Episode

Chris Traeger’s positivity backfires in Season 5 of “Parks and Rec.” After a series of mishaps, Chris does the responsible thing and seeks professional help. At any given opportunity, Chris brings up the new therapist he’s started seeing, Dr. Richard Nygard. While this character is important to Chris’ mental health, the audience never sees him. This may be in part due to the “Parks and Rec” creator Mike Schur’s initial plan for the character.

In a Reddit AMA, Schur confessed that Nygard was originally conceived to be made up. He joked that Chris had actually created Nygard and was just talking to himself in a mirror. Of course, this is later disproven when other characters go to see the doctor. Some even create a group and call themselves Nygardians. The fact that the audience never sees this important character adds to the hilarity of the show. The longer viewers hear Chris talk about Dr. Richard Nygard and never see him, the funnier it gets. 

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