The Ending Of 13 Reasons Why We Really Wanted

In the final season, Estela de La Cruz (Inde Navarrette), Diego Torres (Jan Luis Castellanos), and Winston Williams (Deaken Bluman) join the main cast as characters attempting to make sense of whether or not Monty actually killed Bryce. While the rest of the ensemble strives to keep the truth about Bryce’s demise a secret, these three students work as narrative foils, pushing back against the silence that has shrouded the core players. 

However, Estela, Diego, and Winston never really have enough to do –- and they all seemingly give up the cause in the end, raising questions about why they even showed up in the first place. u/tatedeclan0419 opined, “I wish we got to see Monty’s death scene and more of Estela- so many things were left up in the air with that.” As Monty’s younger sister, Estela, initially asks the other students about her brother, but her feelings for Tyler appear to affect her investigation. 

Similarly, Diego, one of Monty’s friends, tries to unravel the mystery of who really killed Bryce, but eventually falls for Jessica and changes his mind. Redditor u/baldemen criticized the lack of forward action: “I didn’t like how Alex got away with murder, how Monty’s name didn’t get cleared, and how Winston didn’t raise more hell than he did. I wish people had consequences for their actions on the show.” Prior to Monty’s death, Winston nursed an intense crush on his bully, leading to his desire to find out more. However, he also halts his inquiries after a vision of Monty’s “ghost” approaches him. Once they speak, his obsession with the case ends (yes, really).

Considering their roles, at least one of these characters should have committed to sharing the truth about what happened to Monty. Instead, they barely made any kind of dent in the series. As a result, their presences were head-scratching additions to an already overly complicated story.

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