The Surprising Way Marvel Prepped Angelina Jolie For Eternals’ Thena

Since this is Angelina Jolie’s first Marvel movie, she was keen to keep the dialogue flowing between herself and the studio — especially when it came to handling all of Thena’s beautiful weaponry. Speaking with BBC Radio 1’s Ali Plumb about pre-production for the film, the star explained, “It was actually very challenging. I studied ballet to make her long, and then I remember calling and saying, ‘Can you send me my weapons?’ Because I was late to get to London and I need to practice.'”

However the star was a little confused when various knives, swords, and spears arrived for her. “All these different weapons would show up and I kept trying to get an answer from Marvel as to which one is my weapon,” she said, adding, “‘I feel like you guys aren’t deciding or somebody’s not telling me.'” And that’s when Jolie was told about the true nature of Thena’s powers and how she could transform them all at will. “They eventually said, ‘No it’s all of them and then they have to switch as you go,'” she said.

The actress went on to say that the weapons they used during production could change shape to practically mimic her abilities “We’d have full sticks that would also break in half and turn into different things, or stick back together…” With a smile, Jolie also added “it was a little complicated, but lots and lots of fun.”

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