The Untold Truth Of Reality Steve

Since Steve Carbone has been an online staple for so many years, he’s been able to receive so many tips about “The Bachelor” without reaching out to insiders first. In the interview with Reality Blurred, Carbone says that most of the spoilers are brought to him first. “I think people, for the most part, want to help,” Carbone said. “The bottom line is: I don’t think a lot of people are out to give me misinformation.” 

But his relationships with “Bachelor” insiders, particularly former contestants, aren’t all copasetic. Just this year, Carbone received backlash from contestant Demi Burnett after she alleged that he detailed a sex dream he had about her over the phone. He’s also been accused of being misogynistic toward a handful of cast members (via Heavy). After Burnett told her story, Carbone posted an apology online. 

“Going forward, I’m not gonna have any sort of personal relationship with these contestants,” he said. “Because even the times I’ve tried to speak to them in a ‘looking out for you’ way, helping them maybe avoid disaster, etc, it backfires more often than not. I need to draw clearer lines that these are people I’m reporting on not people I have relationships/friendships with” (via E!). 

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