The Walking Dead’s Pollyanna McIntosh Just Confirmed A Major Clue About Rick

While checking in with Huck (Annet Mahendru), Jadis opens up about her former community and its theatricalities, as well as its tragic downfall. “And after (losing them), I had an opportunity, and I created a ticket to get into the Civic Republic,” she says. “I gave the CRM something very valuable, and I got a new life.”

With both “The Walking Dead” and “World Beyond” in their final seasons, fans want to know what happened to Rick Grimes. In an interview with the Gwinnett Daily Post, Pollyanna McIntosh was asked whether this “something very valuable” referred to the still-missing character.

“I think we can assume it is, yes. It’s safe to assume so,” the actress told the outlet. “It is difficult to talk about Rick, as Jadis, and not put a bit of heart in there. She did have a true connection and relationship with him. I quite liked that he was valuable, at least! She did at least say that.” Of course, she added that it was “sort of hint number one” and advised fans to “keep watching for more info.”

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