What Happened To Parvati Shallow From Survivor?

After competing on “Survivor: Winners at War,” Parvati Shallow co-authored a children’s story for Articulation Books. Sharing to her Instagram, she described “Om the Otter” as “a beautiful adventure” that helps children and their caretakers “calm down, learn breathing techniques and mindfulness.”

She wrote “Om the Otter” as a gift to her daughter Ama after returning from a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete with the best of the best Survivor players. During the game, she often spoke about how different it was to compete as a mother versus as a carefree, flirty 20-something. Leaning on her friends and fellow players for support motivated her to write “Om the Otter.”

“It’s really inspired by my time with Ethan (Zohn) on the Edge of Extinction where it’s like, I’m basically embodying Om the Otter,” she explained on Las Culturistas, adding that the Davu the Dingo character was inspired by Ethan.

A certified yoga teacher and wellness coach, Parvati led her friend through meditation and helped him work through his complicated feelings about being on “Survivor” after surviving a rare form of cancer that took a toll on his physical and mental health. Together, they worked toward “being present.”

Parvati has always been spiritual, explaining that her victory on “Fans vs. Favorites” was guided by a mantra her father had shared with her: “The strength of the universe is inside me” (Las Culturistas).

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