When Will Chicago Med Season 6 Release On Netflix?

Netflix has not advertised a concrete date of availability for Season 6 of “Chicago Med,” but thanks its upload schedule for previous seasons, we can make an educated guess as to when fans might be able to watch it. Per What’s on Netflix, the website usually uploads two fresh seasons of series it doesn’t own — like “Chicago Med” — on a bi-yearly basis. That means that every two years, subscribers to the platform will get two seasons of a show at the same time. Should Netflix stick to this established pattern, it’s likely that the 6th and 7th seasons of “Chicago Med” will be uploaded to Netflix together. The most likely date for this to occur would be the summer of 2022, after Season 7 of the show finishes airing on NBC.

If fans are frustrated by this staggered schedule, they can always watch the series on NBC’s own streaming platform, Peacock. Peacock tends to start hosting episodes of “Chicago Med” the day after they air on broadcast television, and it’s currently the only platform streaming Seasons 6 and 7 of the show. Unfortunately, Netflix subscribers likely have a fairly long wait ahead of them before they’ll get to see “Chicago Med”‘s latest two seasons, but it’s surely a one that will be worth their while.

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