Why Clyde Phillips’s Original Ending For Dexter Has Fans So Divided

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “Dexter: New Blood” showrunner Clyde Phillips admitted that, while he “wasn’t in the room” and “can’t really criticize anybody,” he too agreed that the final season of the original series left plenty to be desired. “The show went off the rails,” Phillips said. “The show was untethered, and the character was untethered.”

Entertainment Weekly’s Lynette Rice asked Phillips if “Dexter: New Blood” would even exist, had the original ending had been better received. He responded, “Well, if Dexter had died in the final season, we wouldn’t be here.” He later elaborated that his original idea for ending the series would have included the death of Dexter Morgan — because while fans of the series may root for him to get away with it all, there is no denying that Dexter, is in fact, a serial killer.

“My personal ending for the show was that he was going to be executed for his crimes,” Phillips told Entertainment Weekly. “He’s lying on the table and outside the window are all the people he’s killed. That was just in my own head. I never pitched that to anybody.”

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