Why Condola And Lawrence Have Insecure Fans So Divided

On Reddit, user wodahs1 argued that Condola “trapped” Lawrence with the pregnancy. They wrote that Condola put Lawrence in “an impossible situation” where “if he’s active, then he has to be active under Condola’s terms,” and “if he’s inactive, then he is a deadbeat.” Thus, the only way Lawrence can win is by revolving his life around Condola and the baby, they argued, “aka he’s been trapped.”

Another fan, user NsideDaNsideda, responded with an argument that the situation is a bit more complicated than what the initial post laid out. They wrote, “‘Trap’ feels like the wrong word. Usually trapping implies that there’s a desire to keep the man, and I don’t think that’s what she was trying for. I do think she created the perfect lose-lose scenario for him.”

The fan who wrote the original post wrote back, arguing that Condola could have either gone to a sperm bank or not told Lawrence about the baby at all. They continued, “The fact that she didn’t do either of these and instead decided to go the route that we all know would make Lawrence guilty really feels like a trap. I think she didn’t want to go at it alone, or else she would have just gone to a sperm bank.”

All in all, fans were unable to come to a consensus on whether or not Lawrence is “trapped” in the baby situation. And this wasn’t the only thing fans disagreed on.

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