Why Fans Of 1000-Lb Sisters Are Fed Up With Tammy In Season 3

“Gosh that scene where Tammy is setting up to film a YouTube video and Amy wants her to pause so she can take her pills and Tammy completely bites Amy’s head off and throws a fit angered me,” posted u/LostInTheFog212 in a thread collecting fans’ thoughts about Season 3. Noting that filming a YouTube video isn’t a life-or-death matter, they observed, “those meds probably help keep you alive.”

Fans replying to the thread wondered if the show would cover the scandal which engulfed Tammy’s merchandise store. Per Soap Dirt, Tammy was accused of using images created by a fan artist without permission on an official web store. “That whole merch store fiasco was the most interesting thing either sister has done in years,” offered u/BobbyMonday.

Another fan expressed hopes that the introduction of sister Amanda will “bring the drama” to the series.  “Not sure I want that..I couldn’t stomach any more drama,” countered u/LostInTheFog212. Whatever the new season of “1000-lb Sisters” brings, there will surely be drama aplenty.

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