Why Some Yellowstone Fans Don’t Know If They Want To Keep Watching

Following the premiere of the first two episodes of “Yellowstone” Season 4 on November 7, some viewers congregated on a thread begun by u/DietFoods in the r/YellowstonePN subreddit to discuss what they’d just watch. For many, they were not happy about the start of the new season.

Redditor u/Glad-Ad7744 remarked that there was a low standard of storytelling in the Season 4 opener and that there a lot of the biggest moments weren’t touched on. “Honestly, I felt the same way at the outset (Season 1) where cheap gimmicks were employed for shock value,” they explained, and continued, “Not what you’d expect in a series being done at this level. Not so sure I’ll bother watching the rest of Season 4 even, lol.”

Many of the comments seem less upset about the resolution of the cliffhanger — where it’s shown that all three threatened Dutton family members survived — and more with how quickly its aftermath was skipped over. After showing the attacks, “Yellowstone” jumps forward a couple of months to a bearded John Dutton waking up out of his coma. Some fans feel cheated that they didn’t get to see the immediate aftermath or the frustration and anger some of the characters must have felt. U/Adorable_Sweet9722 was shocked by the time jump and wrote, “I was so looking forward to Rip’s reaction to finding out about Beth and watching Montana burn at his feet while he doled out vengeance and he BARELY had a reaction.”

Other fans defended the episode’s treatment of the incidents, saying it felt like a deliberate choice to leave the details out. “I felt like the confusion is intentional as it matches the character’s own confusion in the ‘fog of war,'” wrote u/MaskedMexicanWrestlr.

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