Will There Be An American Rust Season 2?

“American Rust” showrunner David Futterman spoke with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Nov. 8 and offered an update on the status of the show. While Futterman has assembled a writers’ room to develop ideas for a second season, as of now Showtime hasn’t decided whether to renew the show. 

“While Showtime doesn’t understandably lay all the money on the table and say, ‘We’re making this, 100%,’ the plan is that hopefully the scripts and story turn out in a way that make all of us happy, Jeff and Maura are happy, and hopefully we get to make a second season,” Futterman told the paper.

Showtime’s decision might partly depend on the scripts, but critical reception and ratings are also important factors — and unfortunately for “American Rust” fans, neither indicator is very robust. On Rotten Tomatoes, “American Rust” stands at just 35% Fresh among critics, although it does have a much better 71% Fresh rating among fans.

As for ratings, according to TV Series Finale, “American Rust” averaged just 304,000 viewers during its first season. It ranked sixth among all current or recent primetime Showtime series in terms of total viewership, and seventh in the 18-49 demographic. Among the 18-49 demographic, “American Rust” managed a score of just 0.02. By comparison, another recent Showtime crime series, 2020’s “Penny Dreadful: City,” had slightly better numbers across the board than “American Rust,” but it was still cancelled after just one season (via TV Series Finale). 

Obviously, nothing’s official until Showtime makes an announcement, but at this point a renewal would be somewhat surprising.

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