Check Out The Final Trailer For Lost In Space Season 3

Netflix’s latest trailer for “Lost In Space” (above) is a thrilling look at the Robinson family’s desperate will to survive. After the Robinson kids successfully evacuate a large group of children with the help of the Robot, there is ever-present anxiety regarding their missing parents. The suspense is thick in the latest trailer, which is over two minutes and teases an epic battle between humans and alien robots. June Harris (Parker Posey) also reveals herself to be alive and well, which isn’t exactly good news for parents desperate to reunite with their kids. 

The alien robot army is proving it will use any power necessary to keep the Robinson family apart for its own (and unclear) gain. It seems like the showrunners are teasing viewers that it’s all going to come down to Will and his unusual abilities to connect with other intelligent species. The trailer is the drama-filled hype fans need to prepare for the premiere of “Lost In Space” Season 3, which is finally less than a month away. 

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