Demi Lovato Promotes Conspiracy-Filled ‘Hub For QAnon’ Website As New Ambassador

Does Demi Lovato even know what they just did!?

The actor, singer, and UFO believer just agreed to be an ambassador for Gaia, a New Age website full of videos about aliens, vaccines, evil cabals, and reptilian overlords.

Although Gaia’s video collections also include yoga videos, the Sorry Not Sorry hitmaker made clear their focus was on the site’s conspiracy-based content. One of Gaia’s vids is about the mythical underwater city Atlantis being real, while another is about humanity being the aftermath of a battle between giants and “lizard-like reptilians.”

To most of us, these kinds of claims are LOL-worthy — but the site’s 750,000+ members aren’t laughing. To make matters even more sobering, the site has been called a “hub for QAnon,” with QAnon promoters fleeing to the platform after facing crackdowns from other sites. Moreover, many of the videos feature prominent figures in the anti-vaccine movement.

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But Demz apparently thinks they are doing Gaia’s work by being an ambassador for the site. In a press release, they shared:

“I am excited to be one of Gaia’s first celebrity ambassadors and honored to join a platform I have been a fan of for some time. Understanding the world around us, both known and unknown, and diving deeper into areas that expand our consciousness is exciting to me and I am honored to be able to be a part of a community of people who want to do the same.”

Look, we’re all for watching shows like Ancient Aliens every now and then, but there comes a point when red-pilling can become extremely dangerous — and it seems like Demi is unaware of this, or else they wouldn’t have accepted this role.


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