Directioners Are Flipping Out Over Louis Tomlinson Teasing Niall Horan

The band may be broken up, but the bromance is forever. 

That’s right: We’ve got ourselves a One Direction interaction in 2021, six years after the band went on hiatus. 

Directioners flipped out on social media on Wednesday, Nov. 10, after former member Louis Tomlinson, 29, took a jokey jab at former bandmate Niall Horan, 28. Louis tagged Niall in a cheeky message on a Squid Game challenge post, of all places. 

It went down on an Instagram post from soccer club Real Madrid, which showed skier Andri Ragettli taking on the Squid Game lava floor challenge. As the athlete explained, “if touch the ground you lose!” He was shown making his way across trampolines, balance beams, hurdles and even a tightrope. 

Louis apparently noticed a remarkable resemblance between him and the blond Irish singer.

“Didn’t realise you could move like that @niallhoran,” he quipped. The comment caught fans’ eyes and got more than 60,000 likes. It doesn’t look like Niall has replied.

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