Fans Agree This Is The Worst Unsub Sibling Rivalry On Criminal Minds

User hpspnmag kicked off the debate by recalling Season 9, Episode 4, “To Bear Witness,” in which, after chasing killer Anton Harris (David Anders), David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) tells the rest of the BAU team that Harris suffers from the worst case of sibling rivalry that he’s ever seen. Although this was what Rossi says is the worst, hpspnmag went on to mention Season 8, Episode 8, titled “The Wheels on the Bus,” as possibly the worst sibling relationship in the show, due to the complete lack of empathy from one brother when the other is killed. 

In this episode, brothers Joshua and Matthew Moore, played by Andrew James Allen and David Gallagher, respectively, grow up competing heavily in graphic online gaming, and after getting banned from the game for verbally abusing other players, they decide to create a real-life game of their own, capturing a bus full of teenagers from their former high school. At the end of the episode, Joshua is shot and killed by Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore), and Matthew, having competed with his brother for so long, seems more satisfied that he “won” than sad about his brother’s death. 

Other “Criminal Minds” fans agreed that “The Wheels on the Bus” is intense and arguably the worst sibling relationship, and user Plz_dont_judge_me mentioned that they had recently watched the episode and found it to be “crazy.” But alongside the Moore brothers, there are plenty of honorable mentions that take the cake for other fans.

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