Fans Of The Gossip Girl Reboot Just Got Great News

Much to the excitement of fans, the “Gossip Girl” Twitter page posted the release date mere hours ago. It looks like Season 1, Part 2 will air on November 25, aka Thanksgiving Day. The post, written in the voice of Gossip Girl, reads, “Ask and thou shall receive. I’ll be returning to [HBO Max] on November 25th, just in time for my favorite holiday. Give thanks. Xoxo.”

Creator Joshua Safran also tweeted about the news, writing, “Oh hi here we go again! And like, it’s even better than the first half.” In a second tweet, Safran added, “I also directed the premiere, which includes an incredible turn by Lucy Punch, and music by The Roches and Taylor Swift, and incredible cinematography by Crille Forsberg, and Eric’s clothes, and Ola’s sets, and and and!”

The post from the “Gossip Girl” Twitter account also includes a trailer (watch via YouTube), which gives fans a sneak peek into the second half — and it looks even more drama-filled than the first. The trailer includes clips of Julien and Obie discussing their kiss, Audrey (Emily Alyn Lind) kissing a new character, and Zoya declaring, “We’re not sisters. We’re not friends. We’re nothing.” Gossip Girl also narrates, “This story is anything but over.” 

We can’t wait to see how it all plays out when “Gossip Girl” Season 1, Part 2 premieres on November 25 on HBO Max.

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