Is a Fifth Time the Charm on Addicted to Marriage?

You know what they say: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try and try again. 

A bride-to-be has the man, the baby…and plenty of practice saying “I do.” In an exclusive sneak peek at the highly anticipated series premiere of TLC’s Addicted to Marriage, airing Tuesday, Nov. 16, fans are introduced to Amy, who has a secret. 

While her life with boyfriend Geno may seem picture-perfect, Amy reveals to viewers that she’s kept her past hidden from him. “Geno had all the qualities I was looking for,” Amy explains in the clip. “As soon as we started dating, we moved in together within six months. We ended up getting pregnant within eight months. It was fast and furious.”

She continued, “I am extremely, deeply in love with Geno. But you come out and tell someone, ‘Hey, I’ve been married four times,’ that’s a huge red flag. So I didn’t tell Geno because I was so nervous. I just feel that’s a crazy thing to tell someone when you’re first meeting, or honestly for me, a year, two years. Now it’s been over three years into this relationship, and I still hadn’t shared my past with him. I was lying to him.”  

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