Meghan Markle Says “Toxic” Tabloids Should Come With a Warning Label

Meghan Markle is not one to mince words when it comes to her feelings about tabloids.

The Duchess of Sussex didn’t hold back her opinions when she appeared at the The New York Times DealBook Online Summit on Tuesday, Nov. 9, calling tabloid media “toxic for your mental health” during a discussion with Andrew Ross Sorkin, the editor-at-large and founder of DealBook The New York Times, and Mellody Hobson, the co-CEO and president of Ariel Investments.

Meghan’s candid comment came after Sorkin asked her what it’s like “being a boss” at the Archewell Foundation she co-founded with Prince Harry. “I’ve read great things about you as a boss, and if you read the tabloids, you can read all sorts of crazy things about being a boss,” he remarked, prompting Meghan to advise the columnist to steer clear of gossip.

“Well, first I would urge you not to read tabloids, because I don’t think that that’s healthy for anyone,” she replied. “Hopefully, one day they come with a warning label like cigarettes do, like, ‘This is toxic for your mental health.'”

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