How Will Amazon Prime Handle Its Middle-Earth Timeline?

Amazon’s show has been incubating for a long time, and over that period there has been plenty of time for leaks and rumors to abound. Some of these have been initiated (or at least confirmed) by the studio. Others remain grist for the rumor mill.

Taken as a whole, the information that we’ve gotten thus far continues to send mixed signals about what part of the age the show will focus on. The official synopsis references a “time of relative peace” and characters confronting “the long-feared re-emergence of evil to Middle-earth.” These statements seem to indicate a beginning set earlier in the Second Age, before Sauron emerges as the big baddy of Middle-earth. In August of 2021, the studio also released a first look image that pretty blatantly hints at a portion of the show taking place even earlier, all the way back before the First Age.

At the same time, a leak in July of 2021 shared by the high-profile fan site (which claims to have verified most of the information) suggests that Sauron won’t be in the first season of the show at all. Once again, this could indicate a slow start early in the age, although there are other points later on in the timeline that would make sense, as well.

Then, in October of 2021, another fan group called the Fellowship of the Fans tossed a grenade into the mix by claiming that it had exclusive information that, if true, would massively impact the timing of the show. The leak said that one of the main characters in the first season would be Isildur — a Man who isn’t even born until 3,209 years into the Second Age. With so many conflicting rumors flying around, the timeline of Amazon’s show remains absolutely befuddling.

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