Why AHS Fans Think Hulu Has Changed The Show Drastically

“American Horror Stories” launched in July 2021 to negative reviews from fans and critics alike. The show’s seven-episode first season included both one-off short stories that had no connection whatsoever to the original show, and a few episodes that take place directly in the established AHS universe, referencing seasons from the past. 

AHS fans took to the show’s subreddit to explain their disappointment in the new spinoff series. “When the series was announced I thought it would be anthologies using characters from previous seasons,” writes u/BetweenTwoLungs12345. “A day in the life of Elizabeth Taylor working the desk of “Hotel” [for example]…so you can see my disappointment in the final product.” 

Alongside the unrealized potential in the story, fans insisted that the series’ move to Hulu has resulted in a decline of quality as well. “It felt cheap and was written like someone who had never watched ‘American Horror Story” but had it explained to them,” wrote user u/dannydevitodogwalker. “The episodes were too short for there to be a well thought out conclusion.” 

On the bright side, u/BetweenTwoLungs12345 suggested that the show “might stop [Ryan] Murphy from injecting those subpar ideas into a random episode B-plot of the main AHS series.”

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