Why Dave From Pretty Smart Looks So Familiar

If Dave on “Pretty Smart” strikes viewers as familiar, it’s most likely because that actor who plays him, Kevin Miles, also portrays Jake from State Farm, one of the true breakout commercial stars in recent years. Like the AT&T commercial actor Milana Vayntrub, Jake from State Farm became a familiar face when he landed on television screens everywhere, beginning in 2020 (via Yahoo News/Chicago Tribune).

Interestingly, Miles is not the first person to portray the “Jake from State Farm” character. But he is, in a manner of speaking, the first actor to play the role since the original Jake (who debuted in a very popular commercial back in 2011) was an actual State Farm employee (via The Things). But, as the character gained traction, it was decided a real actor needed to step in, and thus, Miles’ time as a commercial star began. Now, Jake is a bonafide hit character, with Halloween costumes, a Super Bowl spot featuring Drake (via USA Today), and a thriving social media presence helping audiences get to know the character.

It can be hard for an actor to overcome the peculiar brand of fame that comes with playing a familiar TV commercial character, but while speaking with the Chicago Tribune, Miles expressed his enthusiasm for the role. He remarked, “I want to keep it rolling and really see how far we can take it,” so don’t expect him to drop the red shirt and khakis any time soon.

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