The Brooke Scene On The Bold And The Beautiful That Went Too Far

In 2014, Brooke was hot and heavy with Bill Spencer (Don Diamont), and they were planning to wed. Ridge was bound and determined to get back with his ex and tried to find a flaw in Dollar Bill’s armor. He learned by happenstance that Bill had cheated on Brooke with Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) thanks to some selfies Quinn took in Bill’s bed. Ridge spied the evidence on Quinn’s phone and saved it. Determined to expose Bill, he followed the pair to their Dubai ceremony.

He made it to the wedding in the nick of time. As Brooke and Bill joined hands on a beach, Ridge arrived. He showed Brooke the phone, then dragged her into a waiting helicopter to speak in private. But Bill was in contact with the pilot, and that pilot happened to be Justin Barber (Aaron D. Spears) — Bill’s right-hand man. Bill ordered Justin to knock Ridge out of the helicopter by any means necessary, and Justin sharply banked rightward. Ridge tumbled into the Persian Gulf, leaving Brooke to believe her ex-husband had drowned.

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