The Chicago P.D. Character That Cancers Relate To The Most

Naturally, to discover which “Chicago P.D.” character a Cancer fan of the “One Chicago” franchise finds most simpatico, we’ll need to know the personality traits of someone born under this sign. According to the Co-Star app, Cancers are one of the four cardinal signs of the zodiac, and they are ruled by the element of water. Additionally, attributes the words “benevolent,” “intuitive,” “ardent,” “romantic,” and “inspired” to members of this group, and the site goes on to say, “Cancers are nothing if not givers.” InStyle magazine concurs, defining Cancers as “compassionate, often sweet, always deeply feeling.”

Scanning the “Chicago P.D.” roster, we can quickly eliminate a few non-starters. Jason Beghe’s Hank Voight? Pretty low on the warm-and-fuzzy scale. Amy Morton’s desk sarge Trudy Platt? Hardly overflowing with sweetness. 

So, our nominee for the “Chicago P.D.” character that any card-carrying Cancer would relate to the most has to be intel unit officer Kim Burgess, played by Marina Squerciati. Our supporting evidence: In the episode where a distraught mom is caught stealing food for her kids, Burgess not only lets the thief off, she keeps the shop owner from pressing charges. Need more convincing? Burgess babysits for Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins). So, for all you Cancers out there, the giving and compassionate Officer Burgess seems like a match made in heaven. 

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