We Now Know What Drew Lauren Ridloff To The Walking Dead

Lauren Ridloff was recently interviewed by Who What Wear to promote “Eternals.” During the chat, the topic of conversation eventually drifted to her time on “The Walking Dead.” Who What Wear told Ridloff they had read that the actor was already a big fan of “The Walking Dead” when she auditioned and proceeded to ask what Ridloff loved most about the show. The “Eternals” actor gave an honest answer, revealing that there was one actor in particular that she enjoyed most about the series.

Ridloff told the outlet, “I don’t know why I’m being so honest right now, but I think maybe it’s because this is the last interview and I’m just letting it all flow. Okay, really what I think I liked most about the series, in the beginning, was Norman [Reedus and] his character Daryl. I mean, come on!”

As she continued to watch “The Walking Dead,” Ridloff explained that she found there was another element she really loved about the series. She remarked, “I really love how they represent the real world and the diversity. It’s there, and it’s a part of the story, but it’s not pushing. It’s not driving the story,” and went on to speculate that this element likely contributes to the AMC show’s success and impact on fans.

Ridloff also noted that she appreciated that they didn’t stop with her as the only deaf character and brought in another besides Connie — Kelly, played by Angel Theory. She told Who What Wear, “I love the fact that they just didn’t stop with one deaf character. They brought in two. And I think it’s a really good opportunity to show the spectrum of the deaf community.”

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