Saints & Sinners Season 6 Release Date, Cast And Plot

Oh, the drama! “Saints and Sinners” ended its fifth season with a bang — literally. Among the finale’s revelations, Victor gets shot during a standoff with Ella and her children, Leona is outed as the head of the organ trafficking ring, Felicia leaves town, and Tamara takes over as CEO Upsurge while also setting up camp in Levi’s office. And that’s not even all of it. At the end of the episode, Angela is carjacked and has a still-to-be-unveiled relationship with Uncle Ray Ray. At the same time, Ella, ousted from her powerful position much like Levi, pulls up and has a proposition for him.

These scenes clearly planted the seeds for deceit, manipulation, greed, corporate politics, and many secrets in the sixth season. Hopefully, the development of Leona’s character won’t disappoint, as the series spent a lot of the fifth season showing her softer side before revealing her role as a criminal mastermind. Viewers will also be interested in what Ella and Levi are up to and how that will shake up events in the town of Cypress in the upcoming season. Hopefully, 2022 will bring back this guilty pleasure in short order because we need those questions answered, pronto!

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