The Character We Never Get To See In A Single Big Bang Theory Episode

As “The Big Bang Theory” progressed, it found more opportunities to flesh out the main cast, specifically when it came to their backstories. That entailed introducing many members of the gang’s extended families — allowing the likes of Leonard’s mom, Beverly (Christine Baranski), Raj’s sister, Priya (Aarti Mann), and Sheldon’s brother, George (Jerry O’Connell), among others, to enter the spotlight. Arguably the most well-known of the bunch is the enigmatic mother of Howard, Mrs. Debbie Wolowitz, who became a vital piece of the “Big Bang” puzzle even though viewers never got to physically see her.

Mrs. Wolowitz’s first “appearance” came in Season 1 during the episode titled “The Dumpling Paradox.” Her comically thick New Jersey accent coupled with her sometimes harsh banter with Howard made her a fan-favorite in short order, hence why she stuck around until Season 8. When the woman behind her unforgettable voice, Carol Ann Susi, died in November of 2014, the minds behind the series elected to write out Howard’s mom entirely. The last time anyone heard from Mrs. Wolowitz was the Season 11 episode “The Bitcoin Entanglement,” where a flashback sequence utilized archival audio to give her one last hurrah.

Overall, Mrs. Wolowitz wasn’t necessarily a major player in the grand scheme of “The Big Bang Theory.” After all, aside from a few quick glimpses over the years, she never made a single physical appearance. Be that as it may, the show simply wouldn’t have been the same without her.

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