Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Season 6 Release Date, Characters And Plot

Per the above trailer, while also taking into account Tim Hendrick’s aforementioned statement on Collider, it looks like Tony and his team will be up against some hard odds during Season 6. Their technology is stolen by an unseen assailant. Trying to save the planet, the team circles the globe again, ending up back where they started in Los Angeles. That means defending their territory against evil in high-impact races. They also must confront the fact that they don’t know who’s been giving Ms. Nowhere her orders — and thus guiding their team through their world-spanning journey.

The question of whether Ms. Nowhere can still be trusted looms large over the storyline, and in the Collider article, it was hinted that story arcs for the coming season may include Tony and Echo fighting over the team’s future, Layla becoming a stunt driver, Frostee having to hack a video game, and Cisco finally getting to put on his own one-man show. Sounds like quite an eventful final season for such a popular show, and a perfect way to drive this entertaining story over the finish line.

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