Is Amazon Studios Really Set To Make A Mass Effect Series?

According to Deadline, Amazon Studios is determined to keep expanding into genre television after the success of “The Boys” and the solid debut of “The Wheel of Time” show. According to the report, this includes trying to close a deal to bring “Mass Effect” to its streaming service as a television show. While there are no direct quotes from Amazon Studios itself, or any concrete information from studio execs confirming this news, it doesn’t really seem outside the realm of possibility — and Deadline wouldn’t be reporting this unless, at the very least, talks of some sort were happening.

Back in June 2021, Mac Walters, who oversaw the “Mass Effect: Legendary Edition” remaster of the original trilogy of games, expressed his belief that it was only a matter of time before Hollywood tried to adapt the franchise, and that television would be the perfect medium for it (per Business Insider).

So, while there’s no confirmation yet that a “Mass Effect” television show for Amazon Studios is a done deal, it would certainly fit with the company’s current trend of bringing all kinds of genre-related adaptations to its service. At this time, all fans can really do is wait and see what happens.

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