Is Lloyd Really Leaving Yellowstone?

In Season 4 Episode 4, “Winning or Learning,” Lloyd’s rivalry with Walker (Ryan Bingham) comes to a head when he suddenly starts a physical altercation. Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) intervenes and beats Lloyd up for breaking an integral Dutton Ranch rule — no fighting in the bunkhouse.

“Yellowstone” fans on Reddit are worried that this fight was the ranch hand’s breaking point and that it appeared that he might be leaving at the end of the episode. “To me that scene had a strong ‘I’m too old for this s—’ feeling, like he was really coming to grips with his mortality,” suggested u/VenomousCoffee. Meanwhile, another fan pointed out that Forrie J. Smith has been notably absent from interviews featuring “Yellowstone” cast members and implied that this could indicate his character leaving the show.

However, others said that Lloyd might be reflecting on his behavior in the aftermath of the blowout. “Pretty sure he is just sitting in a bit of a depression and feeling a bit sorry for himself,” u/HskrRooster wrote. “I’m hoping that Rip or John pulls him aside next episode and kinda gets him back on track.”

“There’s zero evidence that he’s going anywhere,” said u/Liberteer30. “It was more about being embarrassed that he got his a– kicked.”

Neither Smith nor “Yellowstone” producers have confirmed anything about the character’s fate, so fans will just have to what and see what happens next.

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