It’s A Shame These TV Series Ended In A Train Wreck

At this point, it’s kind of quaint to look back on a show about a suburban mom who sells pot on the sly after the death of her husband. If “Weeds” were made today, it would probably be about a suburban widow opening her own legal marijuana dispensary instead of trying to make it as a big-time drug dealer. “Weeds” starred Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin, a California mom of two boys whose small-time pot business gets bigger and crazier, while the men surrounding her just come along for the ride.

“Weeds” was great for the first few seasons, but as it got increasingly ridiculous, wilder, and darker, it kind of went downhill. During that time, Nancy, as Uproxx describes, “went from anti-hero to sex villain: She married the mayor of Mexico City, who was also the leader of a drug cartel. She was responsible for a lot of people’s deaths. Hell, even her son, Shane, killed someone. Nancy turned into a horrible, uncaring mother, and a pretty terrible all-around person. She neglected her family.” Yet, for everything awful that Nancy did to people throughout the entire series run, she didn’t get any comeuppance in the end. Instead, she got a happy ending by selling her company to, of all things, Starbucks.

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