Kathryn Hahn’s Best TV And Film Roles

One of Hahn’s most fruitful collaborations has been with writer/director Joey Soloway. They gave Hahn one of her first leading roles in the 2013 indie “Afternoon Delight,” then cast her in a recurring part on Soloway’s Amazon series “Transparent.” Soloway’s biggest showcase for Hahn was their short-lived second Amazon series, “I Love Dick.” Despite its short run, Hahn has said in an interview with the New York Times that she remains proud of “I Love Dick,” and for good reason.

It was Hahn’s idea initially to adapt “I Love Dick,” a semi-autobiographical novel by Chris Kraus, for TV. She later told the Los Angeles Daily News that she was “creatively excited by the messy, complicated, unapologetic, maddening, hilarious character” at the book’s center. While “I Love Dick” would seem at first glance to be a romance, with Chris (Hahn) chasing after a cowboy figure named Dick (played by Kevin Bacon), Hahn instead plays Chris on a journey of self-discovery disguised as a love affair. Hahn gets big laughs from how one-sided Chris’s infatuation with Dick ends up being, but it’s just as moving to see Chris come to a better understanding of herself by accident.

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