The Best Hanukkah TV Episodes

After learning of her Jewish heritage, Paige (Kerris Dorsey) wonders why her family doesn’t follow any Jewish traditions. This leads to a conversation with her grandmother Nora (Sally Field), who tells her, “You can ethnically be Jewish, but at the same time, Santa’s just so much fun.” Despite this, Nora is determined to help Paige learn more about Hanukkah, and proceeds to throw a big party for the entire family. Sure, she overcompensates, but her intentions are undeniably pure: This episode also sees Nora learn that Paige is hoping God will help her with her diabetes diagnosis if she learns more about the Jewish faith.

“Light the Lights” is filled with beautiful details, including the story of Hanukkah, delicious looking food, and scenes of the family all coming together — basically, all the staples of a successful Hanukkah celebration. Paige learns that Hanukkah can be every bit as fun as Christmas, a refreshing fact to see acknowledged on television. The final shot even shows the ways the two holidays can coincide: We pan out to see everyone arriving for Christmas, as the menorah burns brightly.

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